Due to recent DCMA changes its illegal to Unlock iPhone’s that are manufactured after January 26′th 2013 .This law only applies for US Citizens .

How to find out the manufacturing date for iPhone (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Iphone 4s, IPhone 5)

Method 1

You can try this IOS App

Download IPA File Here: iPhone Checker App (http://ipa.uasim.com/iPhone_Checker.ipa)

This app will help you to Identify iPhone Information Such As; Model, Color, Capacity, Production Week, Production Year, Baseband (if iPhone is Applicable for iPad BB Upgrade) and Factory. You need to enter iPhone Serial Number.

- Earlier versions of iOS
- iPhone and iPod Touch (Jailbroken Device Only)
- iTunes, iFunBox, iTools (Use this to Install the App)

Method 2


Tap on “Settings” icon > General > About. Then note the serial number of your device.

Step 2:

Now you just have to note the 3rd, 4th and 5th digits of iPhone’s serial number to know the manufacture date of iPhone. So in the iPhone screenshot below the 3rd digit is ’8′ shows manufacturing year ’2008′ and the 4th-5th digits ’46′ shows the manufacturing week, 46th week. So the iPhone manufacture date is 46th week of year 2008.

How to check the manufacturing date for iphone

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